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Mgsr. Herman Mattingly, 1902 – 1981, spent many years researching family history from the origins of the name in England around the year 1066, to the first Mattinglys in America around 1664.

He has written two important books on the family history:

The Mattingly Family in Early America 

The Descendants of Henry Mattingly

Both are currently out of print. We are working on electronic and print versions soon.


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    • Good question, you may be thinking of The Ark and The Dove that landed in Maryland, 1634. This is the earliest purported arrival of 3 Mattingly brothers in America, and many today claim descent from that line. However, there are no Mattinglys listed on the passenger manifest. It has been postulated that this conspicuous absence may be because the brothers were workers onboard, that is, part of the crew and not passengers. William Mattingly arrived nearly 200 years later, starting the Mattingly Settlement. Other branches of the tree have arrived as recently as the 20th century.

      • The early Mattingly’s Thomas, wife Elizabeth, sons Thomas and Cezar and (assumed a daughter or foundling named Judith Turner) This was in the mid 1600s. They settled in St Marys city in Southern Md. We at one time had a reunion of the early Catholic families but to include the Mattinglys but this was discontinued from the lack of an organizer. It was a great gathering for sharing information.

      • that is to say, arrived in Ohio.
        Of interesting note, although the passenger manifests for The Ark and The Dove are predominantly Catholic, the crew is named as predominantly Protestant. The same is true for most vessels that came to New Engand during the chaotic Great Migration in the early to mid 17th century. It is a nagging mystery that Charles, Thomas and Cezar, 3 of the original Mattinglys thought to be among the first Pilgrims and progenitors of Mattinglys in America, are not listed among any passenger or crew manifests. Were they stowaways? The mystery deepens when we find arrest records (listed only as “larceny”) for men of the same name, at the same time, in England. Can it be proven with certainty that what they were escaping was religious persecution? We do know that the original “Mattingly’s Hope” land was purchased by Thomas’ widow Elizabeth’s second husband Walter, not a Mattingly, but a Catholic. Thereby initiating and instilling a catholic “heritage” for the generations of Mattinglys to come? As I’ve said, Heritage is History. It cannot be changed and should not be forgotten, nor should it be manipulated to suit the needs of those making profit of it today, however positive the outcome. I am a Mattingly and a Catholic, and have no reason to question anything believed other than a continuous quest for Truth.

  1. Descendants of Thomas Mattingly I
    Generation No. 1
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    1. THOMAS 1 MATTINGLY I was born Abt. 1623 in England, and died Abt. 1664 in Maryland. He married ELIZABETH UNKNOWN. She was born in England. Notes for THOMAS MATTINGLY I: [cezar.FTW] One researcher states that the father of Thomas, I was Charles Mattingly, born in England. No evidence has been seen as of this date. Notes for ELIZABETH UNKNOWN: [cezar.FTW] Married Walter following the death of Thomas. Walter served the family by submitting the necessary papers to acquire 300 acres of land for Elizabeth’s children and paid the entire costs associated with the death and burial of Thomas. The land warrant was issued in the name of Thomas and Cezar Mattingly and was called “Mattingly’s Hope.”       Children of THOMAS MATTINGLY and ELIZABETH UNKNOWN are:  i.  JUDITH 2 MATTINGLY, m. UNKNOWN TURNER. Notes for JUDITH MATTINGLY: [cezar.FTW]   First name of spouse and children unknown. One researcher suggest a child was Elizabeth.  ii. ELIZABETH MATTINGLY.  iii. THOMAS MATTINGLY II. 2.iv. CEZAR MATTINGLY, b. 1654, England; d. 1719, Maryland.

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